Het Klankenbos

Het Klankenbos is a physical place: a park containing a collection of eighteen physical and virtual sound installations (temporary and permanent). It is unique in Europe because of its size and permanent accessibility. Young and old get inspired to consciously experience sound and its environment. A wide range of public activities surrounding Het Klankenbos has …

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© Kristof Vrancken

Klankenbos Residencies

Het Klankenbos is a physical space that inspires artistic development in sound art and new music. Every year, a number of young sound artists and art school students are supported in their artistic practice, with conceptual coaching and technical support. The focus lies on the development of new and adventurous ideas that explore the boundaries …

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© Marie-Louise Van geel

Lab Sound in Open Space

A biyearly development trajectory for promising sound artists on musical creation in relation to the public space. Six artists are given the opportunity to develop their own practice in relation to sound and the public space. Through workshops, studio visits and master classes, they are coached by experienced international artists. Ultimately the artistic work is …

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Mobile Installations

Musica has a growing collection of mobile and virtual sound installations for festivals and events. The mobile installations inspire highly accessible experiments with sound, movement, spatiality and musical interaction.  Mobile Installations offer Interested in mobile installations for your festival or event? Then contact Musica at info@musica.be or 011 610 510.

© Marc Ras

Movement Radio

Musica is part of Movement Radio – an international online radio station based in Athens. The original 24/7 radio programming presents a wide and diverse range of artists from the international scene: from Optimo to Moor Mother, Alan Bishop to Christopher C. King, and Black Athena to Carina. Musica’s Radio Forest Sessions are also included …

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OORtreders Festival

OORtreders Festival is a festival for transdisciplinary art with sound that takes place every two years in and around the area of Het Klankenbos. Every edition has a new theme and concept. The programme explores experimental formats in the cross-section of art and society. Local communities are joined with the international art scene to create together. The …

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© Lukas Verdijk

Radio Forest Sessions

Audio Forest archive, by Futurefarmers In 2005 Radio Forest was brought to life by the artist duo Futurefarmers (Amy Franceschini & Stijn Schiffeleers) as a radio installation in Het Klankenbos in Pelt, Belgium, commissioned by Musica. The installation was inaugurated in September of that same year during the Klankenbos Festival. Musica asked Futurefarmers to curate …

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Showcase Emerging Sound

A sampler of new sound art in Belgium. Four works of art by young makers are presented in the form of an exhibition route at STUK Leuven. The works are developed during a residency trajectory at Het Klankenbos. The artists are supported with feedback sessions at Q-O2. This showcase exposes the diversity of the sound art landscape, …

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© Félix Blume


A multi-day workshop for students, young makers and cultural professionals on site-specific sound art in the public space. Each workshop is coached by a different artist, who shapes the content according to his or her own artistic practice.