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AlbaNova Series

An innovative series of venue concerts that succeed in bridging the gap between past and present. Contemporary creations with the past as inspiration stand alongside historical music that sounds like never before. Local heritage is given a surprising interpretation with a focus on alternative forms of public participation.

Curating Diversity Course

In 2024, Musica will organise a new course on music curatorship within Sounds Now, which will then be included in our own activities. How do you reach new audiences? Who exactly do curators serve? What is the meaning and purpose of curation in these times? What is the importance of inclusion in curating practice? Emerging …

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Deep listening projecten

Deep listening requires the temporary suspension of judgement and a willingness to receive new information. In a collaboration with Concertgebouw Brugge, we work around conscious listening with an open and free mind. The focus is on:

Curating Labs

From 2023, Musica will organise a biannual lab, bringing together experienced curators with sound artists from outside the familiar field of new music. This activity will be included in our operation every two years from then on. Participants can count on our artistic, business, production and communication support. New curators/co-creators curate part of AlbaNova Series, …

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Multimodal Participatory Project

A multimodal project during Klarafestival’s Walden  covering the four themes of inclusion: gender/gender identity, ethnicity, socio-economic background and the audience. The participating artists have complete creative freedom to develop new and surprising presentation formats.

Publications Curating Diversity

Through publications, we encourage reflection on music, sound art and sound experience in relation to diversity and inclusiveness. We provide a platform to share new ways of working and experiences with a wider audience.

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Reflection on participatory practices in Flanders

Musica takes the lead in a number of reflective projects that highlight the range and diversity of participatory arts:  a series of publications on art & participation in various contexts a symposium in 2023 and 2026

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Sounds Now

Musica is project leader and partner of Sounds Now, a large-scale collaborative project of 9 international music festivals and cultural centres, with the support of Creative Europe. Sounds Now aims to change existing power relations in new music and sound art and encourage curators to promote diversity within these fields.

Symposium Curating Diversity

Sounds Now organises an annual two-day symposium. In 2024, Musica is organising this together with Transit. Experts, composers, musicians, writers, academics, curators from other arts working with the audience to rethink and expand the concept of music curatorship from the perspective of diversity.


Musica establishes a long-term cooperation with NIRAS’ Tabloo Visitor Centre in Dessel. This place was established through a process of co-design with local partnerships. For the future, NIRAS wants to strengthen their dialogue with the local population. Musica will set up participatory trajectories based on music and sound, with a central focus on the nature …

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