1978: Musica (non-profit association) is founded, with Peer (Limburg, Belgium) as its seat. Musica came into existence inextricably connected to the youth choir La Kompaneja, established in

1969 and bringing about a local festival in Peer, featuring folk music and early music.

1980: beginning of school concerts; exhibition of historical musical instruments; first summer school early music

1981: first summer school for kids

1982: first hiring of staff

1984: first edition Day of Early Music in Alden Biesen, close cooperation between Musica, Land Commandery Alden Biesen and Basilica Concerts Tongeren

1985: collection of historical instruments permanently exhibited in the Old Town Hall in Peer

1987: Musica becomes officially recognized and starts being subsidized in a structural way

1989: Musica participates in the foundation of the musical publisher Alamire (non-profit association)

1990: foundation of EuroMUSICA, international cooperation network of course organisations with partners from the Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany and France

1995: first edition of the Kids Music Festival Oorsmeer (Ear Wax)

1998: first edition of International Young Artist’s Presentation (IYAP) in the framework of Laus Polyphoniae in Antwerp

1999: Musica becomes officially recognized within the terms of the Music decree issued by the Flemish Community

2000: Musica is granted recognition by the Decree for the Arts as well

2002: Musica relocates to the Provincial Domain Dommelhof in Neerpelt, concurrently the Musica classes start

2004: With partner Intro in Situ Musica starts a project around sound art

2005: the first sound installations in Klankenbos (Sound Forest) and other initiatives around sound art (including festival, conference and educational packages); first edition of First Class Concerts

2006: start of Samhain, a project/festival working around Celtic traditions, in cooperation with Provincial Domain Dommelhof

2008: start of Babelut Festival, for little ones up to 3 years, in cooperation with Theatre De Spiegel and Provincial Domain Dommelhof – 25th anniversary Day of Early Music – 30th anniversary of Musica

2010: first time ‘Good Vibrations’, sound art exhibition all over the town of Neerpelt

2012: three new installations in Klankenbos: Composed Nature, Singing Pools and Chaise RĂ©sonnante, exhibition Awakening Woods, first edition Canto Aperto

2013: SoundMine: first course for sound art, new website for the Klankatlas, last edition of Day of Early Music