AlbaNova Series

On 23 March, expect an explosion of young talent at the Oude Abdissenkwartier (Abdijsite Herkenrode) in Hasselt, where old and new music will alternate in a full-length programme.

The new music was created by four young composers who took part in the composition workshop SoundMine last year. Its performance starts at 8 pm and is in the expert hands of the HERMESensemble.

The stage will then be cleared for Anacronia, an ensemble of young, promising musicians selected for the International Young Artist Presentation in 2022. They will provide early music and take you back to the time of Haydn.

In memory of Wim Henderickx, inspirer of SoundMine and Times Academy.

Ticket sales will start soon.

AlbaNova Series is an organisation of Musica Impulse Centre and Abdijsite Herkenrode with the support of Stad Hasselt and Herita. Times Academy, a follow-up track to SoundMine 2022 is a collaboration with HERMESensemble, Centre Henri Pousseur and MATRIX [Centrum voor Nieuwe Muziek].


Thursday 23 March 2023, 8 p.m.


Abdijsite, Herkenrode

  • AlbaNova Series

    AlbaNova Series

    An innovative series of venue concerts that succeed in bridging the gap between past and present. Contemporary creations with the past as inspiration stand alongside historical music that sounds like never before. Local heritage is given a surprising interpretation with a focus on alternative forms of public participation.