Klankenbad – AMUZ (Flanders Festival Antwerp)

Musical dialogues for children aged 0 to 3

Humans have the greatest aptitude for music in very early childhood. This makes it a wonderful experience to sing simple songs with babies and toddlers, experimenting with rhythm and sound. Come and find out about musicality with your child in four short sessions at AMUZ. Klankenbad is based on the Music Learning Theory by the renowned educationalist Edwin E. Gordon, which states that musicality is acquired in the same way as language. Gordon’s theory demonstrates that coming into contact with music at a very early age has a significant influence on future musical development.

So it is a great idea to stimulate your child and bring them into contact with music through play, especially because it is so much fun for both the children and their parents! We work in different age groups. Babies are stimulated to explore their own musical gurgling and cooing. Infants and toddlers get to work with melody, rhythm and movement. As a parent or guardian, you will discover how you can make music with your child at home as well.


40,00 euros for a series of 4 sessions (maximum 2 adults per registered child)


22 April and 6, 13 & 27 May 2023

9 am: babies & toddlers from 0 to 18 months
10 am: toddlers from 18 to 24 months
11 am: toddlers from 24 months until they go to the reception class or 1st kindergarten


AMUZ, Antwerpen

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