Musicaklassen 2022-2023: SWERM

© Marc Ras

What is life? Or rather, what does it mean to live?

The new edition of Musicaklassen grows from a single stem cell. It divides. The new cells divide in turn. Groups of cells swarm and clump together to form multicellular organisms. They come into contact with other organisms, until they form one well-functioning body. This body does not stand alone either. It enters into cooperation with other bodies.

The new edition of Musicaklassen starts from a biological perspective. Nature is permeated with forms of cooperation and mutual benefit. A tangle of mutual interests and influences. A constant balancing act. Nothing is born from nothing, nothing is ever finished, nothing dies for nothing.

The baby becomes a child, the child an adolescent, the adolescent an adult. In the tonal moment, the body reaches maturity. Then the organism dies. A new cycle begins.

The next week’s Musicaklassen starts from a single stem cell. It divides into …

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