Klankenbos Nocturne 2023

Musica’s Klankenbos Nocturne this time takes place in the twilight zone. Between the visible and the invisible. Between day and night. Like a web woven between the natural and unnatural.

Between 7:30 and 9:30 pm, let STEMbende from WICO, Marta Zapparoli and Floris Vanhoof take you on a surprising and challenging experience in Het Klankenbos.

Free, it is best to reserve your spot.

Marta Zapparoli – Interdimensional Generated Space (world premiere)
Live Performance

“Interdimensional Generated Space” is a piece focused on the Northern Lights phenomenon. The performance uses a home-made “Specter Radio” – not just a crystal radio, a device that makes sounds that respond to electromagnetic fields and different types and intensities of generated light. In this case, the use of light is specifically controlled to simulate a technological version of the northern lights in space. Visible and invisible processes in a contained form.

“Interdimensional” specifically refers to the movement of energy between different modes of perception. The piece makes full use of the contrasts of invisible processes to create a new experience of space, time and human scale.

During the performance, a unique sonic dialogue emerges between the “natural” and “technological” worlds, a reflection on nature mimicked by technology and referring to everything of human origin.


Floris Vanhoof – Soap Bubbles
Live performance

Experience a fascinating juxtaposition of light and sound as soap bubbles burst and reflect back laser light waves. Watch intricate patterns emerge from the bubble surface, as photons diffract through the liquid’s microscopic movements and create glissandi. Explore what new perspectives come to life as one medium translates into another.



Friday 12 May 2023


Het Klankenbos, Pelt

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