Raphael Malfliet and Maarten Buyl in Klankenbos residence

During the second week of the Easter holidays, Raphael Malfliet and Maarten Buyl are in residence in Klankenbos. Here, they will continue working on their interactive listening installation GOVERNORS. The feedback tones of bass guitars form part of their duo performance.

GOVERNORS is an investigation in which the balance of sound is observed, starting from experimenting with acoustic feedback signals and the forces, movement, material and space acting on them. Raphael and Maarten seek to understand the unpredictability of these forces and refrain from taking control, in order to preserve the natural balance of sound. Thus, answers are sought to collectively direct sound through a usually avoided medium such as feedback.


Tuesday 11 to Friday14 April 2023


Het Klankenbos, Pelt

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    Klankenbos Residencies

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