Fri 04 Dec 2020 - 14:50 to 15:40
Campus Rozenberg - Secundaire School Mol, Rozenberg 2, 2400 Mol

Under the Shakespearean motto 'there is more between heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy', nyckelharpist Didier François, lutenist Philippe Malfeyt and gambist Thomas Baeté enter into dialogue with history and the pupils. They arrange music by lute virtuosos such as Robert Johnson, Robert de Visée and Silvius Leopold Weiss, gamba music by Marin Marais, violin partitas by Johann Sebastian Bach, Dowland, Vivaldi and improvise on danceable folky tunes or their own compositions.

With the support of Landcommanderij Alden Biesen and Flanders State of the Art