SoundMine 2017

Tue 11 Jul 2017 to Sat 15 Jul 2017
Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof, Toekomstlaan 5, 3910 Neerpelt

Participants will get the opportunity to work closely with two professional musicians of HERMESensemblePeter Merckx (clarinet, bass clarinet, alto sax) and Marc Tooten (viola). Furthermore artist-developer Yvan vander Sanden will give a session on interactive game technology.

Wim Henderickx - 

Diederik Glorieux -

Jorrit Tamminga -

HERMESensemble - 

Yvan vander Sanden -


Young people aged 15 and above and adults with a thorough knowledge of music and a passion for composing and creating