Summerschool 2019

Music at the Burgundian Court

Mon 19 Aug 2019 to Sun 25 Aug 2019
Elzenveld, Lange Gasthuisstraat 45, 2000 Antwerpen

In 2019 Laus Polyphoniae (Festival of Flanders Antwerp) focuses on Mary of Burgundy. Our annual Summerschool on polyphony dives into KBR MS 5557 (choirbook of the court chapel) and KBR MS 9126 (choirbook of Philips the Fair) for a masterclass with a large selection of works by some of the greatest 15th and 16th century polyphonists: such as Dufay, Ockeghem, Regis, Busnoys and Weerbeke, but also chansons by Ockeghem, Binchois and Hayne. We’ll work on a range of these splendid works, performing directly from the original notation.

Stratton Bull, Andrew Hallock and Pieter Stas of Cappella Pratensis will lead the vocal sessions. Guest teacher Valerie Horst will offer special sessions to unlock the art of reading mensural notation.

Again this year the singers’ course will be divided into 2 groups, one for conservatory students and starting professionals, and the other for advanced amateurs.

Practical information


Registration: until 1 April 2019

Selection: May 3, 2019

Summerschool: Monday 19 to Sunday 25 August 2019

Final concert: Sunday, August 25, 11 am


Stratton Bull, Pieter Stas and Andrew Hallock (members of Cappella Pratensis). Notation session by Valerie Horst.

Intended participants

The masterclass is intended for professional and pre-professional singers (group 1), advanced amateurs (group 2).


235 euro

The price includes a selection of five concert tickets for the Laus Polyphoniae Festival. Accommodation is not included, but there are options available in every price category (there is an excellent youth hostel nearby, as well as host families and a wide variety of hotels).


Antwerp, exact location to be determined


Professional and pre-professional participants (group 1) are selected on the basis of their curriculum vitae, an audio or video recording (3’) and a letter of recommendation.

Advanced amateurs (group 2) are selected on curriculum vitae and vocal range.

Registration until the 1th of April 2019. The selection of the participants will be communicated on the 3th of May 2019.


An initiative by Musica, Impulse Centre for Music, Cappella Pratensis and AMUZ, Festival of Flanders - Antwerp

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