New Babelut Workshops coming this autumn

From September 2022, our series of Babelut Workshops will be given a fresh look. Through four new formulas we explore the endless possibilities of voice, body and musical dialogue. Discover them quickly, they are already available for bookings!

The Babelut Workshops create musical encounters and moments of play for the very young and their parents or supervisors, always under the animated guidance of a music educator.

Each of four new formulas has a different focus: the senses, the body, storytelling and creating. Spontaneity, a sense of play and experiment are central to each workshop. Children and adults alike are challenged to participate and become fully immersed.

These are the new Babelut Workshops:

KOKOON – Experience the music with all your senses
Immerse yourself in a warm, soft cocoon of wonderful sounds, where music blends with all the senses.

KADANS – Feel the music with your whole body
Together with adults, we move to the beat and melody of the music. We use the voice to express our movements, from ‘trrrrrampling’ to a heavy ‘boing’.

STUIFKLANK – Find music in the world around you
You can find sounds everywhere: in the woods, in your classroom, even in the waste bin… just listen carefully. Together we create the great Stuifklank orchestra!

KIEM – Let musical stories grow
KIEM is a workshop where music comes to life. A musical seed brings foth enchanting stories, filled with sound.

You can find more information and practical details in this folder (in Dutch).

Do you want to book the workshops, or do you still have questions?

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