Our new Babelut workshops literally got a face. And a body! And a body! Illustrator Seppe Van den Berghe came up with a series of four cute mascots that will introduce the workshops to the very young.

As you may already know: the Musica workshops for babies, toddlers and preschoolers have received a substantive update with four new formats. Developing musical sensitivity is always the main focus, and each format provides a different angle: the senses, the body, storytelling and creating music.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this is even more true for the youngest. Therefore we have provided each workshop with a mascot that is instantly recognisable. Seppe Van den Berghe is responsible for all the animations for Music’s hEAR DROPS cartoons, and at our request he created four funny and endearing characters that together form a super cool team.

Let us introduce you to Kokoon, Kadans, Kiem, and Stuifklank!

  • Workshops


    Musical encounters and play for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers under the guidance of a music educator. Together with their parents or supervisors they explore the possibilities of voice, body and musical dialogue. The focus lies on spontaneity, play and experimentation. Our workshops can be booked by socio-cultural organisations, schools and training courses. They can be …

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  • Musical Dialogues – CampusO3
    14, 21 & 28 January and 4 February 2023

    Musical Dialogues – CampusO3

    Musical Dialogues, these are the first steps in musical development for the very youngest. During this workshop series, we introduce children between 1 and 4 years old to musicality, together with their parents. The professionals of Musica Impulscentrum supervise the series. Price Free Sign up When 14, 21 & 28 January and 4 February 2023 …

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  • Babelut Route
    16 & 17 February, 16 & 17 March and 5 & 6 May 2023

    Babelut Route

    Babelut Route is a formation programme for anyone who wants to start working musically with the very young. The emphasis is on practice with quite a few hands-on exercises, but always grounded with a theoretical framework. From Musica’s unique vision of musicality, you will learn how to build musical communication with the target group of …

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  • KOKOON – CC Zwaneberg
    20 February 2023

    KOKOON – CC Zwaneberg

    Immerse yourself in a warm, soft cocoon of wonderful sounds, where music and sensory experiences merge. An intense and, but also enjoyable experience! Audience 3-9 months or 9-18 months Duration +/- 30 minutes Price 12,00 euro per duo When Monday 20 February 2023 9 a.m.: for parents with their child aged between 3 and 9 …

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  • KIEM – CC Zwaneberg
    13 April 2023

    KIEM – CC Zwaneberg

    KIEM is a workshop where music comes to life. From a musical seed grow enchanting stories full of sounds. The children react with their whole body and actively participate with instruments or other material. Audience 0 to 3 years Duration +/- 30 minutes Price 12,00 euro per duo When Thursday 13 April 2023 9 a.m.: …

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  • Klankenbad – AMUZ (Flanders Festival Antwerp)
    22 April and 6, 13 & 27 May 2023

    Klankenbad – AMUZ (Flanders Festival Antwerp)

    Musical dialogues for children aged 0 to 3 Humans have the greatest aptitude for music in very early childhood. This makes it a wonderful experience to sing simple songs with babies and toddlers, experimenting with rhythm and sound. Come and find out about musicality with your child in four short sessions at AMUZ. Klankenbad is …

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