Vote now! BP ZIMZUM nominated for YAMaward

Great news: our performance ‘Babelut Parcours: ZIMZUM’ has been nominated for the YAMawards – an international prize for musical theatre productions aimed at young audiences. You can cast your vote from 17 September to 17 October. Vote now, and who knows, you might help Musica and Down The Rabbit Hole win a YAMaward!

ZIMZUM is the latest edition of Babelut Parcours, our series of musical experience courses for the very young. Together with the Down The Rabbit Hole ensemble, dramatist Koen Haagdorens, composer Frédéric Verrières and theatre-maker Tina Heylen, Musica developed an interactive musical theatre production that stimulates all the senses. The show premiered in November 2021, and has since been performed at a number of venues in Flanders and Luxembourg.

This beautifully designed performance also caught the eye of JM International, the organiser of the international YAMawards. Musica and Down The Rabbit Hole were included as laureates in the ‘Best Small Ensemble for Young Audiences’ category. The voting round for the  public started on 17 September. 

That is why we call upon all of you! Voting literally only takes a few seconds, and you will do us a huge favour. Besides the cash prize, the YAMaward is also an important recognition of our collective creative work by the European sector. Vote soon, and spread the word!

Vote here for the BP ZIMZUM’s YAMaward.