Art meets technology at STEAM primary school curieuzeneuzen


In September 2019, Musica joined the Kunstkuur venture as an external partner for the 3-year project, Everybody will create, on a musical appventure with curieuzeneuzen; in collaboration with STEAM primary school curieuzeneuzen from Balen and three specialised teachers from the local art academy. In weekly co-teaching workshops, the students get hands-on experience in various artistic fields, with Musica acting as the coach for the teams of teachers from part-time art education and primary education.

Soon, the students can expect to see artistic experimentation with technological innovations! This week the art educators and Musica put their heads together to create new challenges for the pupils and their iPads. During a brainstorm session they looked for different apps and methods to use the iPads as a supporting tool for the art classes. Many fresh ideas came up: apps that make pictures talk, compose blubbering operas, create stop-motion movies and much more.

Teacher Annemie of the Art Academy of Mol immediately reworked this fresh inspiration and had her pupils perform movement exercises at different speeds to the tones of classical music. They recorded these movements, then slowed down the fast movements and sped up the slow ones. Creative iPad-playing guaranteed!