The book 'Doors of Listening' is now available for purchase


Since October 2020 Doors of Listening has been a part of the permanent collection in Klankenbos. The polyphonic sound installation was created by the families, children and residents of the refugee shelter in the border town of Pelt (BE), together with the international artist Félix Blume. During an extensive collaboration, the families, children and residents at the shelter were inspired and motivated to express themselves in sound. The soundscapes were integrated in an installation consisting of 12 physical doors that were placed in the forest.

This work has now inspired the publication of a book with the same name that expands on the story of the shelter's residents. How and why did they arrive in Belgium? How do they experience their stay in Pelt, where all their personal trajectories, memories and aspirations come together? 

The book becomes a road map leading you past poems, interviews and improvisations, traditional fairytales and made-up games. Every text is a personal reflection on a life in exile, a life on the road. Together with researcher Christos Carras and artist Félix Blume the residents ponder the power of collaboration through art, and the deeper meaning hidden within that can even transcend the artwork itself.

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