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Musica supports talented musicians and sound artists with a taste for experimentation. This new collective brings together young and young professional artists with the aim of creating music in public spaces. What does it mean to make music in a public area, on squares, in streets or in forests?

The ‘Collectief Publiek Geluid’ (Public Sound Collective in Dutch) receives ongoing support from Musica and C-TAKT (network organisation with merger partners C-Mine and TAKT Dommelhof and structural partners wpZimmer, SoAP, 0090, Musica and In SITU). Musica organises two work contexts each year. This context includes a residency, professional coaching by high-level artists and a group presentation for a wide audience.

The collective is free to decide for itself what direction it will take. In the long term, the collective will create a network and a repertoire that aims to attract the attention of major festivals and arts organisations.

Musica aims to put together a complementary group of young and young professional artists that have a connection with sound: musicians, sound artists, performers, photographers, videomakers, urban designers and other creative sound makers. The course of the collective will be determined with the participants.

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Your profile

  • You are between 16 and 35 years old.
  • You have a connection with sound or music: you make music, compose, communicate or document sound, you are a sound artist, sound technician or poet, you consider the role of sound in the city and society or you make transdisciplinary art.
  • You want to join a project lasting several years with two national/international contexts per year.
  • You are prepared to work in a group and conceive, develop and implement projects together.
  • You understand the idea of the collective and you are open to challenging contexts in the open air and less obvious locations.

What does Musica have to offer?

  • A long-term project with a clear mission and intensive collaboration with creative young people and young professionals from diverse backgrounds.
  • Two national/international contexts per year. Each context is ‘hosted’ by a different organisation or festival, so you will come into contact with a range of professionals in the arts.
  • Every context includes:
    • a residency location (with catering and overnight accommodation if necessary)
    • professional coaching or master class by an international-level artist
    • a group performance for a wide audience
  • Promotional and organisational support, also for any extra performance opportunities.

Provisional planning

  • Introductory weekend
  • Context 1: Klankenstroom, Westerlo
    • September 2017 - rehearsal, Westerlo
    • Led by Maja Jantar
    • 1 October 2017 - dress rehearsal + public performance, Klankenstroom, Westerlo
  • Context 2: Inspiration day 'sound in the city', Ghent (option)
    • October-November 2017 - visit De Krook i.p.w. Ghent University
    • Led by Dick Botteldooren
  • Context 3: OORtreders 2018, Neerpelt
    • October 2018 - Klankenbos, Neerpelt


Fill in the online registration form before 15 June 2017.

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Musica will select the participants and announce its selection at the end of June.

Collectief Publiek Geluid is a project by Musica with the support of C-TAKT