Chirstyn reflects on her internship at Musica


The last year of secondary school was very difficult for me. I had to make an incredibly important choice during the Covid19 pandemic, in a time when I felt that no choice was truly mine to take. It was therefore difficult to be entirely satisfied with my choice. Constant doubts filled my head: "Should I have chosen this field of study? Do I really fit in here?"

But then came the task of finding an internship; an opportunity to find a creative space in which I could put my talents and energy. Musica wanted to give me that chance, even in these difficult times for the creative sector, and I am enormously grateful to them for that. My first day as an intern was, of course, mainly about meeting people, the place and the workflow. But that day immediately took away all my doubts. I knew I was in the right place. 

At Musica I could be myself and take further steps into adulthood. It was a place where I could grow, both personally and musically. The organisation is committed to various target groups, and I also noticed this in the way the team treated me. Everyone is welcome. 

It was a very fitting finale to get involved in the 'Future and Perspective' livestream; quite ironic too, because I also needed perspective on my future. When we arrived at the rehearsal of the livestream, I thought again: "Yes, I really see myself doing this in the future." I hope that one day I can once again experience  the same atmosphere in which this group committed to a common passion, set up the project and worked towards the result. The livestream became an experience I’ll never forget . It was surreal to see the musicians playing in front of an almost empty hall, something that they probably hadn't experienced very often either. I am very grateful that I was allowed to be part of that. 

I did not find it difficult to prepare a question, from the perspective of a final year high school student, for the Q&A moment with the artists; because that perspective was so close to my own before I started my internship: "How do you know if you are making the right choice when you are making a decision about your future?" The moment I stepped on stage to ask that question, I actually already knew the answer.

I want to thank Musica very much, not only for the wonderful internship, but especially for showing me the path that I want to take. Because now I know that the path I have chosen is the right one. 

I hope to see you in the future, 
Chirstyn Belien