Dating the Artist: the podcasts


Futur Composé, a podcast about the future of classical music. 

Why do we listen to classical music in the architecture of a concert hall and have to maintain the silence before the concert? What if performing or listening to classical music is no longer a collective experience? In short: how do we bring classical music into the 21st century? In the podcast series Futur Composé, audiences, musicians and professionals from the music sector reflect on the future of classical music, in the midst of a time period in full development. 

A creation of Studio Hoot Hoot (Lotte Nijsten and Gillis van der Wee) in cooperation with Musica, Impulscentrum voor Muziek and Concertgebouw Brugge. 

The podcast series 'Futur Composé' is the final piece in the three-year project Dating the Artist, in which the public and Vox Luminis, Nadar Ensemble and Anima Eterna Brugge met in depth in the run-up to a classical concert.

Episode 1: How will we listen in the future?
with Olivier Berten, Benoît De Baere, Lilith Geeraerts and Albert Edelman

Episode 2: How can technology enhance the experience of music?
with Pieter Matthynssens, Stefan Prins, Renaat Lowagie and Marlies De Munck

Episode 3: What distance will (still) exist between artist and audience in 2050?
with Pustlauk Anne, Bouckaert Immanuelle and Bart Naessens