De vlucht van Atalanta


Small event, big consequences. Somewhere an unsightly virus jumps from animal to human. Nobody notices. Moments later, the world is turned upside down. 

This connects with the theme of Musica's music holiday for the summer of 2020:
The flight of Atalanta.
Or: An Atalanta butterfly that violently spreads its wings, can unleash a storm on the other side of the world. We create something positive out of that idea.

Are you forced to stay home? Do you also want to spread your musical wings? That's possible now. Unleash a warm wave of musical and dancing ideas together.

This is your assignment:
Draw a butterfly, Take a picture of a butterfly, or film a butterfly.
Make up a melody, rhythm or dance. Make a recording of that.
Save it all on Seesaw. 
In this way, you inspire others. That's how you inspire us.

Who knows? Maybe you will sign up for this music holiday.
We'll take your idea and merge it into the whole story.
Looking forward to the musical end of late summer.

The Laus Polyphoniae festival 2020 has been cancelled due to corona. Musica is currently looking for an alternative so that this music holiday - possibly in a different form - can still take place.