The first music holiday of the summer is already behind us!


In CC Mechelen, 19 children experienced a flying start to their holiday with music vacation CroKant. Together with our artist-teachers and the musicians of Casco Phil they worked on the theme 'measures'. Apart from being a nod to the current corona situation, this theme also referred to the musical meaning of 'setting the pace'.

The children were given carte blanche at the beginning of the week and began the musical holiday without any rules. Systematically, the children determined what rules they needed in order to work together, make music, philosophize and cook. After all, what rules are always needed? What are the rules of music? And what do you need to make music together or to work well together? The children were able to come up with a nice musical holiday with limited and well-considered measures. Maybe there were only very sensible children along, or maybe children are much more capable of setting the rules themselves than we dare to think.

Throughout the week there was -of course- also a lot of music. The children could also count on a passage from mobile sound installation Het Beest and they were visited by two percussionists. The latter invited them to do several exercises around feeling each other out and developing a sense of rhythm. The composer Arthur Wagenaar wrote the work maat/regels (measure/rules) especially for this vacation, in which it was never quite clear who was in charge: the children or the strings. At the end of the week, during the tone time, the children, together with the musicians of Casco Phil, presented this work to the parents. 

Finally, there was also a lot of (healthy) cooking and philosophizing throughout the week. The children were asked interview questions about being 'the boss'. what happens when they are the boss?  When are they the boss? All of this came together to create a rousing presentation moment at the end of the week, in which the interview answers were also shown while the strings played a different part of maat/regels. The children's own composition, where they sang in a language of their own devising and accompanied themselves musically, also touched the audience.