The first residency of 2021 - Soundnest


During the second week of January, we welcomed Soundnest as they put the finishing touches to their new performance MANTA.
Soundnest develops artistic programmes for (and together with) children from 0 to 4 years old, focusing on music and the sound experience of young children. With a permanent company of musicians, visual artists and dancers, they create performances, installations, concerts and museum tours in which sound, image, movement and performance invite the young audience to wonder, explore and play.

For MANTA, Soundnest was inspired by the repetitive movements of the Manta ray (giant ray). The final result is a sound installation and performance specifically aimed at the very young, children from 4 to 24 months, but which can appeal to both young and old alike. With light and glass art, in addition to multifunctional materials of wood and textile, the installation took shape. The music is based on traditional and contemporary compositions, combined with the artists own music. These go hand in hand with improvisations in and with the installation, and the audience. Repetition and repetitive elements shape the basis for the form of the entire journey through the performance.

During the residency Soundnest mainly worked on their sound palette, fine-tuning different dimensions of the performance and letting themselves be inspired by Klankenbos as an environment:

"The space we had available allowed us to better assess and anticipate the dimension of the performance. Dimensions of the performance in the broad sense: both the physical dimension (dimensions, distances), the mental dimension (impact, perception) and the sensory dimension (senses). Also on a technical-artistic level there was a need to have time and space for the development of our sound palette... The presence of the sound forest makes you, as an artist, more aware that you can help focus the attention of your audience. That you can tell and mean something.” - Jeroen Van der Fraenen, Soundnest