fundraiser Musicafonds


In memory of Jing Wei, his family and friends organised a warm fundraiser in the  end-of-year period as part of ‘Beats of Love’ (Studio Brussel).

They chose two charities which, according to them, continue to build the world Jing Wei wished for: a warmer world, safe for everyone, cheerful, playful, creative and loving. 

Jing Wei himself was a socially engaged, promising musician, who made a special effort for children who could use an extra hug. The organisers therefore chose, among others, to support our own Musicafonds, which is dedicated to music participation and development for the less fortunate.

Thanks to their efforts and the gifts of various generous donors, this GoFundMe campaign raised a staggering 2,643 euros, half of which(1,321.5 euros) was donated to the Musicafonds! We are very grateful to the organisers and those that contributed.

The amount raised will be used to support the participation of children from families with limited incomes in the CroKant music holiday in Mechelen (summer 2021). Families with a limited income pay only 25 euros for a week's music holiday. The costs for a Musica teacher who accompanies the young participants in their musical adventures are also sponsored by the Musicafonds and this gift.

Finally, we would like to invite everyone to get to know the person behind this action better: discover Jing Wei's music via Spotify or Soundcloud. With every listen on Spotify, you raise money for de Zelfmoordlijn (suicide prevention). Also, listen to the interview with his sister on Studio Brussel.