Musica begins a new Kunstkuur


Musica has received permission to begin September 2020 with a new Kunstkuur!

Kunstkuur (literally translated as ‘Art cure/wellness’) stimulates cooperation between a school from primary, secondary or higher education and a nearby art academy. Primary schools that need more support, input, and enrichment in one or more musical domains join forces with part-time art educators and an external partner.

In September 2019, Musica took part in this adventure as an external partner of the 3-year project 'Everybody will create, on musical appventure with curieuzeneuzen' in collaboration with primary school Curieuzeneuzen from Balen and three specialized teachers from the local art academy. All primary school students took part in weekly co-teaching workshops in the fields of music, words and image; which were represented by three teachers from the art academy. Musica acted as a coach of teacher teams from part-time art education and primary education and was responsible for vision development.

Starting 1 September, Musica may once again take on the role of coach for a new 3-year Kunstkuur project in collaboration with the Stapsteen primary school in Mol and the art academy of Mol. Central to this is the divine figure Thaleia, muse of comedy from Greek Mythology. Within the fields of music and word, the partners work on the total development of the child and the pupils are given sufficient opportunities to discover themselves, show their talents and further develop them. With Thaleia as muse, we want to refer to the Greek tragedy in which dance, song, music and drama; the main forms of expression, are united. During the three years, the students' cultural awareness will be sharpened by referring to Greek culture: the cradle of our Western society. Thaleia will be an ongoing process, covering not only the musical subjects, but also language, movement education and world orientation.

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