A new Spring in Klankenbos


We are all busy, all the time. But is there any space in our diaries for art? In 2017, Klankenbos encourages us to take our time: to experience art, to pay attention. Did you know that visitors only stop and look at a work of art for an average of 28 seconds? Nevertheless, it takes time to perceive subtle acoustic changes in sound art…

There is a large book to browse through at the Radio Forest info point with visual scores and inspiring quotes to explore at your leisure.

There are sand timers hanging near all the sound installations to stimulate visitors to spend more time experiencing works of art.

Furthermore, you can enjoy in peace the brand new 'Getekende Klanken' trail, with visual scores by John Cage, Cathy Berberian, Karel Goeyvaerts, Thomas Smetryns, etc.