Punica Granatum: musical walk


Artist in residence Music Castle 2019 Hendrik Vanden Abeele was inspired by the historical decor of Landcommanderij Alden Biesen. Together with the singers of Psallentes, he created Punica Granatum - a musical walk where reality and illusion balance hand in hand on a thin thread:

The singers of Psallentes ensemble dream of a photoshoot in the English Garden at Landcommanderij Alden Biesen. It is a perfect location. A sloping lawn, beautiful trees, a flower garden, a gazebo, a summer house with an ice cellar, a charming bridge, overgrown paths, all bordered by a mysterious wall ... And there is also the magnificent view of the south side of the moated castle.

Tomorrow is the day.  Tomorrow they will go into the garden with photographer Marcel and coach Philine. However, on this night the singers are visited by dreams. They see themselves as singing forest spirits, expel darkness with fire, take ice out of the cellar, celebrate a bride's dress (but the bride steps away angry?). They see flowers whirling through the air, they dance and they jump, they hear the sounds of an organ in the distance.

Is this a dream, or will it become a nightmare? Do they see Minerva, and does she transform into Mary, Mother of God? Where do all those strange props come from in what should have been a serious photo shoot? Is that a climate demonstration? Have their voices suddenly mutated into male voices? Does the death toll sound?

In the meantime, countless tunes haunt their minds. Early music. Unanimous, polyphonic. Latin, French, Dutch. Also Middle English, in that old canon "Sumer is icumen in" - summer has set in. What kind of summer day will it be tomorrow? Will these women get out of the English Garden unscathed?

Dreams are deception: the singers know this, but it all seems so real?

Do you want to unravel this mystery yourself? All summer long you can visit Landcommanderij Alden Biesen and experience the musical walk Punica Granatum. Go into the English garden, where you can view and listen to the fantasy experience of these singers via QR codes.