SoundMine 2020 premieres tonight on Podium 19


Tonight, we will officially wrap up SoundMine 2020 with an impressive world premiere on the cultural channel Podium 19. From 21:00, you can watch and listen to the interviews of twelve promising composers and their creations for orchestra, brought to life by the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Wim Henderickx.

SoundMine 2020


Last summer, the 21st edition of Musica's international composition course for young composers took place at Landcommanderij Alden Biesen. From the pool of 35 participants, twelve talents got to experience their written work  performed by a symphony orchestra; twelve young composers aged 16 to 31, from six different countries, each with their own unique style took part. Their scores were performed by the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra in the Elisabeth Hall on 4 February. VideoCrew captured the music, interviews and a look behind the scenes in a wonderful film.

Satisfied voices

Conductor and coach Wim Henderickx had this to say about the result: "The orchestra played brilliantly, which is not a given. Each composer has their own work, their own direction, and on top of that the music was often difficult. But the result is great. This was truly a great edition of SoundMine with 12 completely different pieces and emotions. You get to hear, as it were, a sample of what is happening in the world at the moment."

The composers also look back with great satisfaction at the result of their hard work. "It was fantastic to be able to hear the music live. The musicians and Wim were completely immersed in the music and the score. It was magical", says Obe Vermeulen (19). Fellow participant Lara Denies (20): "It was really exciting to hear that the sounds you had imagined come out the way you had hoped, or even better! 

"We can only be enormously proud of the result of SoundMine 2020," says Esther Ursem, general director at Musica. "It was the ignition point for an explosion of talent. The mutual respect between the composers and musicians meant that we were able to write a beautiful story together, from which new lines can start."

We’d like to thank our partners, coaches and composers Henri Colombat, Eda Er, Lara Denies, Daniil Getman, Marlies Hollevoet, Yngwie Janseghers, Evans Koçja, Noah Senden, Siebe Thijs, Constance van Gog, Siebrand Verhulst and Obe Vermeulen.

Watch along?

SoundMine 2020

  • Tonight from 9:00 pm to 10:18 pm on Podium 19, free to air on Proximus Pickx channel 19 (channel 269 from Brussels or Wallonia), Telenet TV channel 99 or Orange TV channel 20
  • Postponed through the website and app of VRT NU (until the end of April)
  • Note: the broadcast can only be watched in Belgium.