Ticket sale has started: don’t miss the early bird discounts!


The ticket sale for midsummer festival AlbaNova 2019 has started today!

During the entire month of March you can enjoy special early bird discounts. For a day ticket you only pay 25 (adults from 26 years) or 10 euros (youngsters up to 25 years) during the early booking. You can also choose to enjoy half a day of the festival. In this case you are welcome during 10:00-14:00 or between 13:00-17:30. During the early bird campaign you pay 10 euros as an adult and 5 euros as a youngster for a half day at the festival. Festival tickets for children aged 12 and under are free, but please do not forget to book a ticket for your child when you book your own ticket!

We are fully ready to celebrate the start of the summer! You too?