This was Sonokids play week 2021


The Sonokids play week is over. Last week, twenty toddlers aged between three and six became real sound detectives in the municipal primary school De Knapzak in Sint-Agatha-Berchem. Here's how it went.

The programme

It was a special edition. Not only did the Sonokids play week take place in Sint-Agatha-Berchem for the first time, we also organised it for two separate groups. Each group consisted of ten pre-schoolers, a teacher and an entertainer.

From Monday 12 April to Friday 16 April, the groups playfully explored new sounds with classical instruments and less obvious materials. The young detectives even listened to their own body and voice. They played with floor drums, accordions, rhythm sticks and iPads, but also with stethoscopes, sandpaper and bubble wrap.

The activities took place every day between 9 am and 4 pm. Enough time to immerse the kids in musical interactions. The days started with a song and the week ended with a concert for the parents. In between, they went outside for some fresh air.

The reactions

"It was very nice to see how the children interacted with music and how the teacher adapted the workshops to their age. I think the toddlers learned a lot during this play week. I just saw them blossom. At the end of the week, everyone was singing along with the songs, even the young shy kids. And even those whose mother tongue isn’t Dutch could easily follow the sessions, because music speaks all languages.” - Alexandra, entertainer

"I thought the Sonokids play week went by surprisingly quickly, because it was also great for me. I was impressed by what the teachers Remi and Bert can do with music. And I was not alone, the toddlers also seemed to enjoy it, and in the end, that’s the most important thing. Of course it was not easy to keep this group of young kids interested, but still, Bert was able to capture their full attention regularly, and then it was all singing and dancing. So I believe that, apart from my own pleasure, the toddlers also enjoyed the week and learned a lot. It is wonderful to see how music can excite anyone, regardless of gender or age." - Jaani, entertainer

"You should be able to compare the beaming eyes of the last day with the curious, yet also uncertain, glances of day one. A musical play week is always a bit exciting, for participants as well as teachers. Yet it was a piece of cake to turn these ten unique children into a group that moved confidently from one sound discovery to the next. And it turned out to be worth the effort to create a safe environment for them in which they could be curious, experiment, listen and sometimes make exuberant sounds. The smallest of the group was enchanted by sound bars, two siblings enjoyed making up a mysterious musical game with the big drum, the two oldest kids played a concert for the others, parents said that their child sang all the songs of the day every evening, and I could have never imagined that someone would play a woodblock so joyfully and with such inspiration! The nice environment provided by the municipality of Sint-Agatha-Berchem and Musica made it possible to enjoy these days with our eyes closed and our ears wide open. In 1, 2, 3 it was Friday already!" - RĂ©mi, teacher