Making music Explore

International experts inspire a select group of ‘ambassadors’ from the world of professional music and part-time arts education on issues of content and needs in musical practice. This input serves the participants as a basis for experimentation in their own practice with the methods offered. During return sessions, they exchange experiences and are involved in the critical evaluation and development of an international publication, application, online tools and training courses.

The research project CONNECT connects experts with passionate teachers and performers. CONNECT focuses on fundamental problems of artistic and educational practice. Musica is always actively looking for highly motivated teachers to participate.

The aim is to make connections between past and present, practice and theory, creativity and skill, and to share expertise. As ambassadors of the project, participants get to work experimenting in their own teaching practice. In this way they arouse the interest of colleagues in their immediate surroundings. Musica provides support and review moments with discussion and exchange of ideas. Responding to current needs, original, consistent and workable solutions are sought. Each three-year research phase culminates in specialised continuing education courses and an international publication.