Create Making music

OORtrederLab supports artists and musicians to develop innovative practices around musical interaction in the public space. For Musica, the open/public space is a playing field that offers countless possibilities for alternative formats of presentation and participation, whereby the boundaries between audience and performer, but also between disciplines, fade. Special attention is also paid to the social dimensions of sound in the public space, which is reflected in cocreative processes between professionals, amateur artists, ensembles and local groups.

In 2017, Musica started Collective Public Sound, a group of young makers (16-35 years old) who focus on developing a musical repertoire for the public space. The results of OORtrederLab will be presented at OORtreders, a biennial festival for transdisciplinary art with sound in Pelt.

In collaboration with Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof and created within the framework of C-TAKT.