WANTED: (Old) OUTSIDE doors for sound installation Doors of Listening in Het Klankenbos

Do you still have an old exterior door you are not doing anything with?

Donate your door and who knows, maybe it will become part of the permanent collection of Het Klankenbos. Unfortunately we cannot use sliding and interior doors, but all other types and materials are welcome: both wood and metal.

Usable dimensions for the doors:

  • 73.0 cm wide x 4.0 cm deep
  • 82.0 cm wide x 4.0 cm deep
  • 86.0 cm wide x 4.0 cm deep
  • 87.5 cm wide x 4.0 cm deep
  • 88.0 cm wide x 4.0 cm deep
  • 88.0 cm wide x 4.5-5.0 cm deep

Would you like to donate an exterior door to art? Contact us at louis@musica.be or on +32 (0)11 610 510.

About the sound installation

The installation is the result of a collaborative process with the residents of the Red Cross Refugee Center Overpelt. In a participatory process they were guided to express themselves through sound. Through the doors, you hear songs, memories, stories, voices and dreams of people on the run. They literally get a place in the landscape and in this way claim their presence and audibility.

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