The Klankenbos is once again stepping outside its boundaries. After Schwungbumm (2017), Erik Vallbo’s installation ‘Time Flies’ will be the second work to double as both a work of art and a plaything at the nearby Scoutsrally site.

Erik Vallbo is an artist based in Stockholm with a focus on experimental design. He is moderately fascinated by movement, transformation and chance, and often they are a driving force in his creative process. Vallbo balances somewhere between art and design. His projects arise through artistic research and an experimental and playful process that tends to open up to the unexpected and unseen.

Last year, Musica invited Erik for a site-specific commission: to develop a new sound system for the sandbox at the nearby Scoutsrally that playfully explores the sound potential of sand. Vallbo and Musica worked with the social youth association Akindo. During several workshops with children from the neighborhood, they experimented with sand to their heart’s content, and the work took shape.

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