Mission and vision

Musica inspires people to take a conscious, adventurous approach to sound and music. From its position in the professional arts sector, Musica builds bridges towards education, the welfare sector and the wider socio-cultural field. By developing talents and through educational and co-creative processes, we strengthen the basis of an artistic approach to sound and musical culture. We respond to current demands and needs in cultural education and feed artistic dynamics with targeted experiments, projects, festivals and publications. With our finger on the pulse of society, we aim to offer high-quality participation in music for everyone, whatever their age or cultural and social background.

Musica is an experienced pioneer in arts education, contemporary approaches to musical heritage, music and sound art in public places and musical interactions with very small children. This multi-faceted approach enables us to create unexpected links between artistic disciplines, musical idioms and educational methods. We explore the untapped potential of both historic and new instruments, tools and techniques. With an enquiring and critical attitude, we integrate insights from artistic and academic research and use them to develop innovative formats for creation, education and participation.

Everyone is musical. In our workshops, training courses and residential programmes, we create context and room to play, in order for participants to discover or rediscover their own musicality and strengthen their musical confidence. We bring participants and audiences into contact with the wealth of historical or contemporary musical cultures and challenge them to make music and listen with new ears. We give professional musicians and teachers, conservatory students and self-taught musicians a breath of fresh air and an international perspective in order to help their musical practice grow.

Musica stimulates development at both the personal and the cultural level. In doing so, we opt for projects with long-term effects. This is why we attach such great importance to prior research and experimentation, preparation and follow-up, and to high-quality underpinning of our projects. A complementary team of specialists guarantees artistic and educational expertise at the highest level. Coupled with great openness to joint projects and sharing knowledge, all of this makes Musica a strong cultural partner in a rapidly changing world.