As an impulse centre, Musica has always concerned itself with providing a dynamic musical landscape which offers equal opportunities for participation and development. Through the Musicafonds, the organisation aims to help support artistic projects with exceptional societal and artistic value.

Impulses for participation and development

In our broad range of educational activities, we are confronted with an ever-increasing demand for high-level accessibility for disadvantaged or underprivileged people, people with a mental or physical disability, older people, people in prison, refugees etc.

The Musicafonds aims to help lower the threshold for high-quality musical participation and development for disadvantaged groups, and is receptive to project proposals from individual artists or partner organisations. Innovative projects for talent development and music education research can also apply for support.

These projects were already supported by Musicafonds.

Would you like to make a donation to the Musicafonds?

All donations are very welcome! 

You can transfer the desired amount to account no. IBAN BE27 0012 3667 0073 (BIC GEBABEBB) with the description ‘Musicafonds’.

Gifts of 40 euros or more per year are tax deductible. You will receive an annual certificate. If you donate 100 euros or more, your name can be mentioned on our website if so desired.

Inhabitants of the Netherlands can also make a tax deductible donation. In this instance we can provide you with a certificate.

How is the Musicafonds managed?

Musica’s artistic team will evaluate the applications and allocate the funding. 

All applications are evaluated using the following criteria

  • attention to participation and people who lack opportunities
  • artistic concept and innovation in music education
  • opportunities for partnerships with Musica in the form of a coproduction, coaching and/or communication

Submitting a project

Anyone with a strong project who wants to apply for support can submit an application to the Musicafonds. Our support covers a maximum of half of the total project costs,  depending on the available funds.

Annual deadline: 1 May.

If the project gets approved, the funding support is available from 1 August onwards.

Applications must consist of:

  • a concise description of the project’s intention and aims
  • budget
  • timing schedule
  • contact details

Projects that receive more than 1000 euros in support will be asked to submit a report within three months of completion.

For more information, please contact Musica: or tel +32 (0)11 610 510.