Moeder-Taal (Mother-Language)
Thanks to support from the fund, Musica was able to offer musical workshops to illiterate, non-native mothers and their children in 2013. The workshops were part of the Moeder-Taal project of the Centre for Basic Education (Kempen). Young mothers received Dutch language lessons and parenting support - while their children played under the watchful eyes of volunteers. Besides the development of the mothers, language stimulation of the children was also an important objective.

Taalbad (Language bath)
Music enables people to communicate with each other across language barriers. At the same time, it is also a tool for getting to grips with language in a playful way. Musical language games can stimulate children in their language development. With support from the fund, Musica organised several workshops in multicultural crèches and kindergartens in Brussels and Antwerp in 2014.

Music in prison
In 2012 and 2014 Musica organised a musical project with inmates. Inmates often lose contact with the outside world, even with their own partners and children. In Turnhout prison, Musica used the power of music to create a shared, artistic experience with inmates, their partners and children. The musical workshop during the families’ monthly visits, became an delightful experience on two occasions.

Workshop Guerrilla at Sensatio festival
On 22 May 2015, Musica tested out the KlankGuerrilla workshop for the first time during the small-scale community art festival Sensatio in Houthalen. Eight enthusiastic participants from various backgrounds learned, in three hours, how to make the wooded surroundings of Sensatio resonate with electro-acoustic techniques. Led by percussionist Jacob Vanneste, they performed a surprising 'guerrilla sound' for an unsuspecting audience.

Ukelila was a music education programme that offered children in primary schools the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument. Each week, professional musicians gave lessons during the normal school hours. The children soon learned to play together, and after a short time they formed a real orchestra. Not all children have the opportunity to develop their musical talent from home. Ukelila was inspired by foreign examples, but also wanted to develop its own pedagogical model. Tailored to schools in the Limburg region, with many socially vulnerable pupils. Hans Van Regenmortel of Musica helped to draw up the pedagogical model and supervised the music teachers.
During a study day concerning the project on 14 December 2016, the innovative methodologies used within Ukelila and the positive social effects on the participants were zoomed in on.  

Symposium EVTA  
On 5 November 2016, EVTA (European Voice Teachers Association) organised a symposium on the beneficial effects of singing together, from birth till age three. Thanks to the Musicafonds, the aspect of singing with little ones could also be highlighted. Sarah Verhulst, involved in our Babelut operation, gave an interactive lecture.

Huis van het Kind Genk
Musica is a partner of Campus O³, recognized as Huis van het Kind (House of the Child), in Genk. Operating in a multicultural environment with numerous social and societal challenges, Campus O³ aims to be a low-threshold meeting, information and support place for all (prospective) families with children. Musica made its expertise available and, in cooperation with the Opvoedingswinkel, created a confluence between art, culture, education and families, with emphasis on families with children up to three years old.
During the start-up phase of Campus O³ and several times since then, we organised several sessions of Klankenbad and Musical Dialogues for children from 0 to 36 months and their parents. This workshop is an extension of a successful experiment with non-Dutch speaking mothers in 2014. In Genk, too, the social angle is central. A follow-up series for older children was offered in the autumn of 2016.

Coaching master thesis on music perception in children with hearing impairment
Astrid Vanhees worked during the academic year 2016-2017 on a master thesis investigating the musical growth and musical perception of children with a hearing impairment. For this, Astrid was coached by colleague Hans Van Regenmortel, who also followed up the Ukelila project. Moreover, she was able to use the Ukelila instruments for a year.


Inclusive music holiday in Mechelen 
For years; Benjamin Haemhouts, artistic director of Casco Phil, has been dreaming of an inclusive summer camp for children, where creativity in the broadest sense of the word would be central. We wanted to involve and integrate a number of underprivileged children into the group, through cooperation with a number of social partners. In the first week of July 2016, the second edition took place; doubling the number of participants, including the proportion of children from families in poverty. The inclusive music holiday has become a regular feature of Musica's projects and is repeated every summer.

Social tariffs for talent development programmes
The fund is also used to apply 'subsidised tariffs' for our music holiday in Antwerp and other activities related to talent development, such as the international composition workshop SoundMine. We hope to reach several children and young people from underprivileged families