The Musical Gift

When was the last time you gave the gift of music?

Music to enjoy,
to inspire,
to dream away
and to share.

During AlbaNova festival 2018, four visitors had the opportunity to give a living room concert to someone who could no longer attend the festival. ‘The Musical Gift’ once again proved that music is a wonderful gift for all generations: thanks to this action, residents of residential care center Dijlehof in Leuven and senior home Onze Lieve Vrouw in Bornem were able to enjoy a moving performance. A family was also given a musical gift in a private circle.

During AlbaNova 2019, this initiative was repeated and three visitors were once again able to share a part of their festival experience. This year Huize Perrekes, vzw de Sperwer and a family in their private circle received an intimate living room concert by Floris de Ryker, Sofie Vanden Eynde and Yunah Proost, respectively.

In 2020, AlbaNova 'Lift Off' has unfortunately been moved to 2021 due to the corona crisis. But because everyone can certainly use a musical boost, Musicafonds decided to organize a Musical Gift. Secondary school students have seen their trip to Italy, end-of-year ball and other joyful activities called off and a festive proclamation with proud parents was also scrubbed from their calanders, Musicafonds decided to surprise them with a Musical Gift.

On 29 June, the students of GO! atheneum Tongrorum received a musical send off from various AlbaNova artists. Amongst others, Benjamin Glorieux and members of Nadar Ensemble marked the festive ending to their high school career and the start of a hopeful future.