Listen To My World: book now for sale

Claudia Molitor’s audiovisual installation ‘Listen To My World’, a project by Sounds Now, just had its premiere. Claudia collected unique stories which she picked up during various encounters. The result is a reflection on the feeling of being acknowledged or cast away. e result is a reflection on the feeling of being acknowledged or cast away.

Molitor’s expansive and collaborative work makes use of field recordings and found instrumentation to share interlinking stories that are not often shared or heard. Listen to my World is another one of these collaborations, but now the scope is wider, the conversation bigger. Communicating with five people living in different European towns, Molitor lets them tell their stories through visual and sonic material from across the continent.

“Listen to my World is born out of an interest in listening to stories less often told, and the belief that these stories matter. The project shows us different ways of thinking about ourselves and the world, and how we might change the structures that permeate society and privilege only the very few.”

Alongside the installation, this work also includes a website and a gorgeous publication, which is now for sale through Musica. Would you like to buy a copy? Let us know!

Visit the project’s website here..

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    Sounds Now

    Musica is project leader and partner of Sounds Now, a large-scale collaborative project of 9 international music festivals and cultural centres, with the support of Creative Europe. Sounds Now aims to change existing power relations in new music and sound art and encourage curators to promote diversity within these fields.