Memento 2022: Making music with people suffering from dementia

For the second time, Musica and Concertgebouw Brugge organized Memento, where people with dementia could make music, sing and paint together with artists, and eventually even perform for an audience.

Despite the inevitable complications due to Corona, Memento ’21 was a beautiful and moving journey. A group of people with young dementia, each accompanied by a personal facilitator, made art and music at their own pace, with plenty of room for reflection and contemplation.

During the final session the works, sounds and words were passed on to composer Sebastiaan Van Steenberge. With this inspiration he composed a choral work that was rehearsed by the Bruges choir Zingen Is Zijn and a vocal group formed by the workshop participants. Together they sang the work during a Tone Moment on March 24th in CG Bruges.

After the success of our first edition, Sebastiaan and CG Brugge are happy to start this cooperation again. Registrations for the new sessions in the fall will follow soon, so keep an eye on this website!

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