Seeing: second publication Sounds Now launched during hcmf//

‘Seeing’ is the second volume in a series of annual publications planned by the Sounds Now network. The book was launched on 20 November at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.

A new publication by the international Sounds Now network is published every year. These publications offer different perspectives on inclusion and diversity in contemporary music and sound art, with a focus on long-term structural change. Remarkable voices in the field are invited to express their own reflections on these themes in whatever form they choose.

‘Seeing’ sees contributions by Bengali poet Nat Raha and Brussels-based writer Katrien Schuermans, combining poetry with reflective journalism into a unique whole. With ‘apparitions’, Raha delivers a collection of so-called ‘niners’, nine poems consisting of nine lines in an experimental typography. Schuermans’ contribution is the article ‘It Needs to Be Good, Though’, a personal reflection on the double standard about gender and LGBTQIA+ artists that still prevails in today’s club culture and music industry.

Both authors have also recorded their texts as podcasts. The texts can be read digitally online, and a physical copy can be ordered with an email to, or picked up at one of the Sounds Now partners.

Read the online version of ‘Seeing’ here.

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    Musica is project leader and partner of Sounds Now, a large-scale collaborative project of 9 international music festivals and cultural centres, with the support of Creative Europe. Sounds Now aims to change existing power relations in new music and sound art and encourage curators to promote diversity within these fields.