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Sounds Now: on curatorship and diversity

Under the heading ‘Curating Diversity’, the Erasmus+ project Sounds Now organizes a project week on diversity in curatorship during the Finnish music festival ‘Time of Music’. Registrations for the workshops have already been closed, but you can still join in if you want to.

Diversity is a hot topic in our society, and therefore also in the world of music and art. During the contemporary music festival ‘Time of Music’ in Finland (July 5-10), various curators and artists will explore the questions and difficulties that arise when programming and developing contemporary classical and new music for different communities, organizations and audiences. .

They will consider the issue beyond purely practical considerations, honing in on ethical and substantive issues. Ultimately, the participants will work towards a ‘manifesto’ in which the most pressing issues are highlighted and addressed.

Sounds interesting? Registrations were closed in mid-April, but the organization has decided to allow new applications after all.

More info and contact through the Sounds Now website.

  • Sounds Now

    Sounds Now

    Musica is project leader and partner of Sounds Now, a large-scale collaborative project of 9 international music festivals and cultural centres, with the support of Creative Europe. Sounds Now aims to change existing power relations in new music and sound art and encourage curators to promote diversity within these fields.

  • Curating Diversity Course

    Curating Diversity Course

    In 2024, Musica will organise a new course on music curatorship within Sounds Now, which will then be included in our own activities. How do you reach new audiences? Who exactly do curators serve? What is the meaning and purpose of curation in these times? What is the importance of inclusion in curating practice? Emerging …

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