Al onze projecten op een rij

© Marc Ras

1001 doors to polyphony

Connect II Multi-voiced music, counterpoint, polyphony… . Challenging terms, but essential components of music from the past and present, from East to West, from North to South. In collaboration with international specialists, this research is focusing on the development of a growing online collection of activities, inspirational examples and background information for everyone who wants …

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Behind the scenes

Digital interactive concerts and workshops by artists and ensembles for an audience of secondary school students. The listener can enter into discussion with the artists about their performance.

© Inne Helsen

AlbaNova Series

An innovative series of location-based concerts that bridge the gap between past and present. Contemporary creations inspired by tradition are combined with unorthodox renditions of historical music and surprising renditions of local heritage, with a focus on alternative forms of audience participation.

Babelut Residencies

De Babelut Residenties geven jonge muzikanten de kans om een nieuw aanbod te ontwikkelen voor jong publiek met coaching van Musica. Het resultaat kan allerlei vormen aannemen: klankinstallatie, concert, muziektheater, workshop,…

© Lukas Verdijk


A collaboration focusing on deepening and diversifying crucial skills, knowledge and attitudes of pre-school teachers in Europe and beyond. The Cell Biology and Art Class Omnibus (CACAO) project brings together researchers in biology and music, artists, kindergarden teachers, educators and technology-enhanced learning experts from 7 European countries to create a unique pre-school curriculum that links …

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The research project CONNECT couples experts with passionate teachers and performers. CONNECT focuses on fundamental problems in the artistic and educational practice. Connections arise between past and present, practice and theory, creativity and skill.

Curating Diversity Course

In 2024, Musica will organise a new course on music curatorship within Sounds Now, which will then be included in our own activities. How do you reach new audiences? Who exactly do curators serve? What is the meaning and purpose of curation in these times? Emerging curators engage in a dialogue with these questions to reflect …

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The Passion

A project based on the tradition of the passion story. Secondary school students from Ghent produce a contemporary translation of a historical masterpiece.

Deep listening projects

Deep listening requires the temporary suspension of judgment and an openness to new information. In this collaboration with Concertgebouw Brugge, we zoom in on conscious listening with an open and free mind, with a focus on: immersive and interactive technologies the (de)activation of other senses  the connecting power of sound in other art forms (architecture, …

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MusiMatrix / Oorspoor

An interactive experience course that tears down the walls between listening, active experience and performing together. First graders and families with children are exposed to classical or contemporary composed music and its performers. Each time a renowned ensemble is involved.    MusiMatrix is for first year children and their teachersOorspoor is for families with children …

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