Art Educator in Residence

Art Educator in Residence (AER) is a trajectory for talent development organised by Musica Impulse Centre (initiator and concept), the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp (RCA) and deSingel International Arts Campus.

Together we provide support for young artists from the RCA’s educational programmes in music, dance and drama to develop new formats for art education and audience participation. AER form a part of the ‘Master Research Project in Arts Education’ component in the educational master’s programme, or applied as an internship in the educational bachelor’s and educational graduate programme.

With the AER programme, we aim to aid in the development of innovative ideas for arts education. Students are encouraged to align with the themes in deSingel’s programme, but they are allowed to propose their own ideas as well. The partners provide guidance and support with complementary expertise, technical support and communication. The collaboration with deSingel guarantees exposure for the selected projects.

This project has become a quality label for young arts educators.

Past editions


Juicy Ijsselmuiden – Waardeloos Goed (‘Worthless Goods’)

A research on things that have no value. Juicy brought together three target groups from Deurne (Antwerp): vzw Recht-op, Stedelijk Lyceum De Waterbaan and Buurtwerk Dinamo. A participatory creation process resulted in a colourful and playful exhibition.


Matthias Van den Brande, Sone Mikaelian en Andrea Van Acker – Dis|connected

A short film about youth loneliness. Conceived as a musical performance, but the sudden corona crisis forced the makers to take both the preparation and performance online.


Andy Van Kerschaver – Beveren (in cooperation with de Rode Antraciet vzw)

An idiosyncratic adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, performed with inmates. The closed nature of the prison system does not allow bringing the inmates in front of an audience, nor vice versa. Andy uses his own artistic skills as an actor and creator to bring their stories to the outside world.

Misja Nolet – Wachtgeluiden (‘Waiting Sounds’) (in cooperation with Wilde Raven vzw, Sascha Bornkamp and Yelena Schmitz)

A series of aural portraits of refugee women based on children’s songs from their home countries, presented as an audio installation at waiting spots in the public space.


Lore Borremans – Vrij als een vogel (‘Free as a Bird’)

Dancer-choreographer Lore Borremans created a performance based on a workshop where children were given the space to search for their identity in a spirit of open-mindedness. At the same time, they were taught to respect the choices of others.

Jolien Van De Sande – Toen de goden sliepen (‘While the Gods Were Sleeping’) (in cooperation with Het Fluisterhuis)

Using the various stages of processing grief as a guideline; an account is given of brutal misfortune, natural selection and the all-consuming fate of a hibernating God.