The research project CONNECT couples experts with passionate teachers and performers. CONNECT focuses on fundamental problems in the artistic and educational practice. Connections arise between past and present, practice and theory, creativity and skill.

Tonal Tools

This international publication is the result of the Connect I project. The research for it started in spring 2012 with twelve passionate keyboard teachers from Flemish part-time art education. From an introduction to the principle of historical partimento practice, connections were made with current didactics in jazz and light music.

  • 1001 doors to polyphony

    1001 doors to polyphony

    Connect II Multi-voiced music, counterpoint, polyphony… . Challenging terms, but essential components of music from the past and present, from East to West, from North to South. In collaboration with international specialists, this research is focusing on the development of a growing online collection of activities, inspirational examples and background information for everyone who wants …

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  • SenseSquared


    Connect III Six European partners work together on the central question: How can a sensory approach and an artistic attitude contribute to an education that leads to a more connected and sustainable world? Through artistic interventions and workshops, we want to demonstrate that this approach can and should become the heart of all education. Adopting …

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