A workweek on sound, music, movement and dance, aimed at 2nd and 3rd grade students and teachers. Each week is centered around an annual theme, and culminates in a presentation with its own dynamic and character. Teachers are made familiar with the theme and approach during an introduction day.


Musicaklassen run from Monday afternoon to Friday afternoon at Provincial Domain Dommelhof in Pelt. In the evening and on Friday, there is room for activities of your choice.


Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof, Pelt

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The pupils sleep in two- to four-bed rooms with sanitary facilities in the room. The restaurant is located near the accommodation building. In the immediate vicinity there is a forest and movement trail, sports fields, a playground and a swimming pool complex.


175 euros per person.

Included: the obligatory familiarisation day (teachers) + Musicaklassen – meals, snacks and overnight stays from Monday afternoon to Friday afternoon.

Because of the familiarisation day for teachers, among other things, part of the costs can be submitted as an after-school fee.

Information and reservations

For further information or to book Musicaklassen, please contact Musica on 011 610 510 or

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  • Musicaklassen 2022-2023: SWERM
    School year 2022-2023

    Musicaklassen 2022-2023: SWERM

    What is life? Or rather, what does it mean to live? The new edition of Musicaklassen grows from a single stem cell. It divides. The new cells divide in turn. Groups of cells swarm and clump together to form multicellular organisms. They come into contact with other organisms, until they form one well-functioning body. This …

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