OORtreders Festival

OORtreders Festival is a festival for transdisciplinary art with sound that takes place every two years in and around the area of Het Klankenbos. Every edition has a new theme and concept. The programme explores experimental formats in the cross-section of art and society. Local communities are joined with the international art scene to create together. The festival is part of a larger trajectory that includes exchange, residencies, co-creation and knowledge sharing.

  • OORtreders Festival 2022

    OORtreders Festival 2022

    OORtreders Festival (21-23 October) is a 3-day happening for art and sound in and around Het Klankenbos, a unique outside location in the middle of the forests of North Limburg. Visitors and artists both local and from abroad come together with a shared focus on sound and music. A sense of experimentation and adventure is …

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