Al onze projecten op een rij


Connect III Six European partners work together on the central question: How can a sensory approach and an artistic attitude contribute to an education that leads to a more connected and sustainable world? Through artistic interventions and workshops, we want to demonstrate that this approach can and should become the heart of all education. Adopting …

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Showcase Emerging Sound

A sampler of new sound art in Belgium. Four works of art by young makers are presented in the form of an exhibition route at STUK Leuven. The works are developed during a residency trajectory at Het Klankenbos. The artists are supported with feedback sessions at Q-O2. This showcase exposes the diversity of the sound art landscape, …

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© Félix Blume


A multi-day workshop for students, young makers and cultural professionals on site-specific sound art in the public space. Each workshop is coached by a different artist, who shapes the content according to his or her own artistic practice. 


An artistic interplay between young children, their supervisors and music educators in (extracurricular) childcare. Voice, body, materials, instruments are explored in a sensitive and imaginative way, triggering musical adventures. The supervisors receive on-site training and a theoretical framework.

Sound Cradle

A two-year postgraduate course on musical interaction with children aged 0-5 in various contexts (8 modules per academic year). A growing number of performing artists are discovering the musical sensitivity specific to babies, toddlers and preschoolers and start producing work for this target group. Sound Cradle responds to the growing need for high quality artistic productions …

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Sound Cradle Showcase

Upcoming creators targeting young audiences get the chance to show their work in progress to an audience. They can be Sound Cradle students who have made a graduation project, but also creators from outside the programme.


An international internship for composition and creation led by top-level artists and teachers. Young people and adults with a passion for composing and creating spend five days pushing the boundaries of their own musical imagination. For one week they intensively prepare for a public presentation. A number of works will be selected for performance in …

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Sounds Now

Musica is project manager and partner of Sounds Now, a large-scale collaborative project of 9 international music festivals and cultural centres, co-funded by Creative Europe. Sounds Now aims to change existing power relations in new music and sound art and encourage curators to promote diversity within these genres.


A masterclass during the Laus Polyphoniae festival. Advanced amateurs and young professional musicians are coached by international experts. Together with other students, they tackle a historical repertoire. The focus is on performing from primary sources. The results of the masterclass are presented in a concert or performance.