Al onze projecten op een rij


Musica establishes a long-term cooperation with NIRAS’ Tabloo Visitor Centre in Dessel. This place was established through a process of co-design with local partnerships. For the future, NIRAS wants to strengthen their dialogue with the local population. Musica will set up participatory trajectories based on music and sound, with a central focus on the nature …

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Time capsule

Jongeren en ouderen krijgen samen de verantwoordelijkheid voor de omkadering van een concert in Concertgebouw Brugge. Binnen een intergenerationeel curatieproject gaan beide groepen creatief aan de slag met het format van het klassieke concert, en gaan op zoek naar wat hen bindt. Zowel productionele als artistieke elementen komen aan bod.


A masterpiece from the musical heritage is highlighted in all its facets with a wide range of parallel activities: . is lecture-performances, workshops, installations and concerts. The work is placed in its historical context, in a search for its relevance and meaning for a contemporary audience. Collaboration: Concertgebouw Brugge


The ‘Wonderkamers’ project we investigates the different kinds of new technology and digital art forms. Together with creative partners in the digital fields of VR, AR, AI and ER, we will explore the autonomous power of a digital art experience.

Art Educator in Residence

A talent development programme for young artists from the teacher training programmes in music, dance and drama. Students with innovative ideas on art education are supported within the Educational Project course to develop new formats for art education and audience participation.

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Musical encounters and play for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers under the guidance of a music educator. Together with their parents or supervisors they explore the possibilities of voice, body and musical dialogue. The focus lies on spontaneity, play and experimentation. Our workshops can be booked by socio-cultural organisations, schools and training courses. They can be …

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