AlbaNova 2020 ‘Lift Off’

After a very successful and hot edition of AlbaNova 2019 ‘En Route’, we are happy to announce that AlbaNova 2020 will take place on Sunday 28 June 2020.

With AlbaNova ‘Lift Off’ we celebrate the 200th anniversary of Gaspard Félix-Tournachon, better known as Nadar. As a renowned French writer, draftsman and journalist, Nadar became best known as a photographer who brought together artists from all possible disciplines in his studio and immortalized them in beautiful portraits (Debussy, Hugo, Monet, etc.). From his hot air balloon, which is the reason that we are still talking about Nadar fences, he made history as the first aerial photographer. Our suitable guest curator for AlbaNova 2020 is therefore the Nadar Ensemble, a Belgian ensemble for contemporary music that was described by De Standaard as "Flanders' most adventurous formation".

Thanks to an exceptional programme, it promises to be a very spectacular edition; an ode to Nadar, full of music for young and old in an adventurous trail in which hot air balloons never sounded so musical. Watch a virtuoso piece of piano play without any piano present or take a seat in a real camera obscura.

Does this news already have you floating on cloud nine? Get ready for ‘Lift Off’.