Art Educator in Residence 2019-2020

Two projects are realised with contextual coaching from Musica and the conservatory's own teachers, in addition to productional support from deSingel.


‘Welk Volk’ by Bjarne DeVolder is a project concerning Gender

"Gender refers to the socio-cultural aspects of being a man or woman. Gender is so opposite to sex that it relates to the biological differences between men and women." (Robbert Stoller)

In this art education project, Bjarne wants to further investigate the theme which he already explored in his first master thesis. Namely: gender. Last year he created the performance ‘Mijn Volk’ (‘My People’), which was about a homophobic homosexual man. The interesting thing about this performance was that the main character demonstrates his homophobia in the beginning. The performance also focusses on the meaning of gender, how the subject of gender originated andby what kind of politics this theme was able to rise in the social order. In the continuation of this research, Bjarne wants to work with children or youngsters and through workshops discover together what exactly gender is, and how to raise awareness this theme.

Matthias Van den Brande, Sone Mikaelian & Andrea Van Acker have a project called ‘dis|connected’

This art education project is about loneliness among young people. Initially the makers chose this theme in connection with a personal story, but after some research they realized that this was a much bigger beast than they could imagine. Big, but also very quiet; it hides behind smartphone screens, glitzy instagram photos and loud facebook statuses and feeds on shallow, quick encounters and conversations. The idea is to give this silent beast a stage, where it can roar very loudly so that everyone can see and hear it, and no one can ignore it. Together with 10 young adults between 18 and 30 years who are sensitive to the theme, they create a performance filled with music, poetry, stories and images.


Co-production with the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp and deSingel